Jun 22, 2015

This is my best friend Jace and she is quite the florist. I love the beautiful arrangements she comes up with. Take a look at it yourself!

Flowers with Jace from Elsa Jensen on Vimeo.


Jun 19, 2015

Would you like to see the lovely Landon & Caroline? They are pure perfection and love in one stunning couple. Truly! Take a look!

Landon & Caroline from Elsa Jensen on Vimeo.



Jun 17, 2015

Where did I go?

In case you couldn't tell, I don't blog much around here anymore. I hate to say it, but blogging on two different blogs is a hassle - and since I am a now fully devoted, working for myself, business woman, blogging on my website's blog has taken priority. But not to worry - I have a link to this blog with a regularly updated blog! So if you like to look at pretty pictures and watch cutesy wedding videos from this Utah wedding photographer and videographer, take a look! I'm over here at http://www.elsacreates.com/blog/

Until then, here's a video of Talia & Brady - maybe their adorable-ness will help herd you over to my blog :)

  Talia & Brady from Elsa Jensen on Vimeo.

Nov 18, 2014

When I talk about traveling, I don't think you quite get it. Sure, everyone hopes to travel.  To walk around London, maybe go surfing in Australia or see the Great Wall and have some authentic and real Chinese food. And most probably do travel and enjoy every minute. But still, some don't quite get it. Traveling isn't just something I'd like to do for fun. Traveling IS what I do. Its like the yearning desire I have that can't be filled completely unless I step out the front door. It's not just something I would like to do or something to check off on my list of things I should do. It's something I must do. I travel to breathe. I travel to become. Because ironically, there is no single thing that makes me more of myself than traveling. And I feel like each time I travel, I feel just that much more comfortable in my skin. I find a part of myself that I didn't know yet - a part of myself that realized she would like to be a daredevil and try the cow intestines from Africa please, or a part of myself that has learned just how completely content I could be walking the roadways of old Copenhagen and completely get lost. But more than those big things that make me discover myself, there's just something about traveling that makes me feel like I'm, well, home. It's this beautiful connection that I feel to the ground I walk across- that wherever my feet go, I have roots. To feel a piece of my own soul be so connected to a place that I'm just discovering and feel so comfortable at a place that I've never really been....well, to me there's really only one way I can hope to explain it, and I think its love and me. A love for travel. And me, at the most true and honest form of myself. And thats why, when I talk about traveling, I don't think you quite got it. But now I think you might.